Goose Decoys

Goose hunting is as popular today as ever before and we have the goose decoys that get the job done.  Whether you are in the Dakotas in August for early Canadas or the Missouri corn fields for spring snows we have the most realistic and reliable goose decoys around.  We pioneered flocking goose bodies which eliminates glare from the decoy and puts geese in your lap.  We made the first life-sized cackling goose decoys on the market and are once again breaking new ground with the 3-D Canada silhouette.  Our Commercial Grade Honker utilizing soft plastics technology is pushing the limits of decoy endurance. Our line of floating goose decoys has always set the standard for the water hunter and we are now changing the way these decoys are thought of with a fully flocked Canada floater.  Speck hunters will be overjoyed with our new line of field and floating decoys for their needs.  GHG is always striving to bring you the best quality goose decoy at an affordable price. 

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