GHG Hunting Accessories

Accessories make your hunts not only easier but in some cases they are downright essential.  Ducks and geese are where you find them and many times you will need to hunt a spot temporarily to have success.  The Avery Marsh Seat is portable and light and is the perfect way to be able to sit and hunt in that hot spot on the other side.  Neoprene PowerBelts and GHG Shell Belts are also great in this scenario that doesn’t allow for easy use of a bag by giving you a way to carry all the ammunition needed for a morning hunt.  Every hunter needs a way to carry his or her harvest out and we have that covered with the Game Hog Strap, the Floating Duck Strap, and the GHG Small Game Carrier.  One our neatest products is the Neoprene Ankle Garters that allow easy putting on of boots and waders by holding pants legs tight which does not allow them to ride up on your leg.  Rounding out our accessories are the call lanyards with various styles tailored to please every caller.

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